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Ocean Freight

Shipping lines with mergers of all kinds are becoming mightier than ever! Container vessels have increased their capacity. Gone are the days when a vessel could barely carry 1000 TEUS! Not long back vessels carried 5000 TEUS. Next were in the 10000 TEUS range. Now there are vessel can lift over 21000 TEUS!! Ocean liners with tie ups with rail companies, can delivery container cargo, Open Tops, Flat racks to a deepest part of a country in record times.

Cargo that cannot fit into a belly of an airfreight, can very well fit on container vessel, break bulk carrier and even by RO RO (Roll on, Roll off) vessels.

Tri-Alliance Freight Services Inc., with it well experienced management will always the best solutions to transport any kind of your cargo that needs moving! Ocean container liners will continue to be the largest cargo movers.